Architectural Renderings for Urban Planning
Artist, Illustrator: John Potter
I want to mention right away that I used stock models extensively on this project. I used what was available rather than working from scratch whenever possible to reduce labor, cost and time. Although I used a lot of stock stuff it did require the skills of an artist to put it all together and have the renderings still look like cohesive images. I also created a look and feel that defines the project.

These renderings are the conceptual stage of an urban planning project. The renderings are intentionally vague and loose in style to avoid bogging down the presentation in minutia and focus on the broader scope of what’s possible and aspired to on the site.  

At the beginning, I was doing parts of the project by hand in a tradigital fashion, but as the revisions rolled in it was apparent that that I was going to have to switch to all digital. I created new styles for Sketchup to emulate the drawing style and did extensive editing in Photoshop mostly for the lighting. There were well over one hundred files involved in the project.

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